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Eye-candy for the ladies!   
Eye-candy for the ladies! For his part, tennis star Rafael apes Megan's pose in Armani denims, stripped of his shirt and showing off his rippling muscles. The shoot is a part of the spring 2011 campaign and will be appearing on billboards from February.
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Maria Sharapova Stalker Charged   
Maria Sharapova Stalker Charged A former Wisconsin football player, who is reportedly a paranoid schizophrenic, has been charged with stalking and threatening Maria Sharapova and Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvaraez and their families. Leonard Taylor Jr., who played defensive back under Alvarez for the Badgers from 1995-1998, was charged yesterday with one felony count of stalking and one misdemeanor count of telephone harassment in Madison, Wisconsin. The 32-year-old Taylor, who lives in Indianapolis, reportedly left phone messages threatening to kill Sharapova's family and Alvarez, according to the AFP. Taylor also reportedly said he wanted to marry Sharapova.
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Ana Ivanovic is `thinking man`s sex symbol`   
Ana Ivanovic is `thinking man`s sex symbol` Ana Ivanovic was named "thinking man's sex symbol" of 2008 by The Daily Beast. Ivanovic won the French Open this year and reached the finals of the Australian Open weeks before winning in Paris. Ana Ivanovic from Serbia is currently the fifth-best woman in the world. Sheís got a mean forehand, is studying finance online as she travels the world winning tournaments, and is blowing men away with a butterscotch-colored face thatís all smooth slopes and haunting eyes.
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Miss K-Swiss   
Miss K-Swiss Anna Kournikova is not playing tennis anymore and we donít think itís a name that we can associate with tennis currently but that doesnít stop Anna from selling brands and getting fresh advertising contracts. Anna will represent K-Swiss for their Spring/Summer 2009 campaign, and will appear in two television ads as well as a series of printed ads. Anna said: Iím looking forward to working with K-Swiss, and am proud to be involved with a classic tennis brand, known for its performance, elegance and style.
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Federer, girlfriend Vavrinec to become parents   
Federer, girlfriend Vavrinec to become parents World No. 2 ranked tennis player Roger Federer might be more excited to get the title of World's Best Dad! The Swiss pro took to his blog to announce that he and girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec, who he met at the 2000 Sydney Olympics are expecting their first child together. "I also have some really awesome news to share with all of you," he said after telling fans that he is eager to get back out on court after a back injury. "Mirka and I are excited to let you know that we will be parents this summer!"
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