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NBA Star Jason Kidds playmate Hope Dworaczyk   
NBA Star Jason Kidds playmate Hope Dworaczyk NBA Star Jason Kidd's girlfriend and Playboy's luscious Miss April 2009 Hope Dworaczyk doesn't bite. For some reason, guys are reluctant to chat up. "Men don't hit on me at all. I'm 5-foot-10, so maybe that rules out half of them, but you'd figure they'd approach me," the Texas-born stunner tells. Dworaczyk, who dates NBA superstar Jason Kidd, adds she's still denying rumors she's pregnant with his child: "I've either hidden this baby from the world somehow or have been pregnant longer than anybody else."
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Sexy Lauren Jackson to play on in WNBA   
Sexy Lauren Jackson to play on in WNBA Australian native Lauren Jackson, the two-time WNBA Most Valuable Player who led the Seattle Storm to the 2004 championship, has decided to play in the league again this summer. The 27-year-old Jackson, who has spent her entire WNBA career in Seattle and is the Storm's franchise leader in scoring, said that she will play next either with the Storm or with the Phoenix Mercury. Jackson, a 6-foot-5 power forward, is an unrestricted free agent for the first times since entering the league in 2001.
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Bikini Model Melanie Collins Joins NBA TV   
Bikini Model Melanie Collins Joins NBA TV Bikini model Melanie Collins the newest member of the NBA TV broadcast team is a Penn State communications grad, and a former correspondent for the Big Ten Network covering Pennsylvania State University. In December 2008, she was named one of the top 30 "Sexiest Sportscasters" by Playboy. Incidently, Melaine and the the winner of the Playboys Sexiest Sportscaster title, Erin Andrews of ESPN, two of the hottest sideline reporters workout at the same gym in Atlanta.
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Your NCAA Tournament Survival Guide   
Your NCAA Tournament Survival Guide So, your NCAA Tournament picks are in. Cinderella has been identified, upsets highlighted and you went out on a real limb in picking Kansas to capture its second title in three years. It only took filling out six different brackets, but you couldnít be more certain that this is the year you survive the opening two rounds. Or could you? March Madness can be a fickle tease, and the natural volatility of the tournament can be blissful one minute and downright crippling to your bracket the next. Whatís a guy to do? Here are five precautionary measures that will help save your ass from going crazy in the days leading up to the Sweet 16. 5- Keep an even keel Like any worthwhile illegal drug, the NCAA Tournament is laced with incredible highs that can overload you with gobs of euphoria. Pretend for a minute that you enjoy a fruitful first round. Before you know it, youíre hosting weekend parties with buddies that include gorging on an endless variety of bar foods and adult beverages. But be forewarned, because like any nasty illegal drug, the NCAA Tournament is laced with extreme lows, and a less favorable second round could sling you into the throes of depression. Before you know it, a Northern Iowa upset over the Jayhawks could have you swilling Johnny Walker just to counteract the shakes caused by your withdrawal from all the first-round success. 4- Consult a higher power Jesus Christ very well may be a hoops fan. For all anyone knows, March could be the favorite month of Allah and Buddha. No matter your religious denomination, Iím sure your object of worship wouldnít mind taking a few minutes out of his, her or its divine schedule to help you with your tournament anxiety. By all accounts, the importance of religion stems from a primitive need for guidance, both in moments of seemingly utter hopelessness and overwhelming joy. And it could be within a matter of hours that you experience both, when dark horse Siena bounces the favored Purdue Boilermakers but then falls to No. 12 seed Utah State in the second round. 3- Itís not how you startÖ Unless your social life is as uneventful as that of Joe Lunardi, you donít have time to dissect the credentials of all 64 teams. Nor do you have the patience to break down every minute detail of the 48 games that will precede the Sweet 16. Remember, all pools place considerably less importance on the first two rounds, and instead back-load the bracket with gobs of points that will allow you to make a spirited comeback when your competitors have written you off after the first two rounds -- that is, if youíve played your cards right. Otherwise, if for some strange reason, youíve chosen two or more seeds ranked No. 3 or lower to make the Final Four, disregard everything youíve just read. 2- Donít watch The suspense of the NCAA Tournament is palpable, for sure. In fact, itís enough to make even the most confident of bracket filler-outers succumb under the weight of prospective failure. But a trusty tactic to avoiding a nervous breakdown, especially during the schizophrenic first couple of rounds, is simple. Granted, the conglomeration of coverage will make this an arduous task, but you must avoid the tournament as if it were the bubonic plague. Steering clear of all televisions, mobile devices and computers, operate under the assumption that if you donít watch, your teams canít lose. 1- Embrace inevitability The odds of predicting the NCAA Tournament with 100% accuracy are akin to getting struck by lightning on the way to cashing in your winning Powerball ticket. Itís just not gonna happen. Accepting the fact that your bracket will ultimately feature as many red Xís as check marks is your most effective strategy to surviving March Madness. The sooner you wise up and realize that, the sooner you can realize there are more important and less stressful things in life than some harmless single-elimination basketball tournament -- like the chances of Tiger making the cut at The Masters. Or, Shawn Michaels ending Undertakerís unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania XXVI.
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Female Athlete Salaries   
Female Athlete Salaries Sports such as golf, tennis, basketball, and bowling arenít limited to guys; females compete in leagues of their own or alongside the men. Women typically have equal opportunities to play sports as men, but, too often, the compensation is anything but equal. In most cases, the men are making a lot more money than their female counterparts. That shouldnít be surprising because menís sporting events typically garner more media exposure, higher attendance and greater amounts of sponsorship dollars. Here are a few examples of gender inequity in sports, reasons why itís occurring, and how much more money the guys are making. Note: All amounts are in U.S. dollars.
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